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In the search for promising ways out of the employment plight, the factor of temporary employment is becoming increasingly important. Across Europe, 2.2 million people now trust lean management systems. Experts now agree that this form of work offers advantages for both sides in modern economic life: Companies are making their personnel management more efficient and responsive, and employees can expect more variety and qualification diversity in their jobs. For employers and employees alike, the common motto is: flexibilisation.

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The world of work organisation is subject to fundamental structural change. More and more companies are relying on temporary management for special operational projects. Temporary work has long been the modern working relationship of a society striving for flexibility and individuality.
Pessimists describe temporary work as modern slavery and misjudge the enormous opportunities and possibilities that lie in this form of employment.
An explicit personnel consulting offers you the possibility to find the suitable employees for a certain activity segment. With our experience and our extensive contacts, we will find the right employee for you from our pool of applicants according to your requirement profile.

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industry surcharges

industry surcharges

At the end of May 2012, IG Metall negotiated a collective agreement with the temporary employment agencies BAP and iGZ. It defines industry surcharges of up to 50 percent on the collective wage of temporary workers. This was followed by further collective agreements between the respective trade unions and the temporary employment associations.
The aim of these agreements is to compensate for any pay differences between the permanent staff of a company and the temporary workers employed there. The regulations thus defined ensure fair alignment and make it clear that personnel services are an important and attractive sector on the labour market and offer good pay prospects.
We regard it as a positive signal that the collective bargaining partners have come up with an independent solution.
before there would have been a legal regulation by the politicians.
The attractiveness of temporary employers is increased. This benefits the customers.
The company will certainly continue to make use of the flexibility instrument of the external personnel reserve.
The new regulations have also been in effect since 01 November 2012 for companies not covered by collective bargaining agreements.
Temporary employees who are already working in the same company for at least 6 weeks without interruption at this point in time will receive the first stage of the industry bonus from 1 November – and the subsequent stages 6 weeks earlier. All other temporary employees will receive the first stage after 6 weeks of uninterrupted assignment, calculated from 01.11.2012 at the earliest.
In the metal and electrical industry, the surcharges for all
Wage groups according to
6 weeks 15%
3 months 20%
5 months 30%
7 months 45%
9 months 50%
is calculated on the standard wage for temporary employment. However, industry bonuses are capped at the level of earnings (less 10% tee-off) of a comparable employee in a permanent position in the hiring company.

payments above standard tariff

Lang includes the valid IGZ collective agreements in its employment contracts. The employers’ association IGZ and the member unions of the DGB-Tarifgemeinschaft Zeitarbeit agreed on the current result of the negotiations on November 1, 2013. From March 1, 2016 we are a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen (Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies).